Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, the horse track has my ID and debit card.  That's good.  I think Wells Fargo was getting sick of issuing me a new debit card every week (I have this problem, a lot).  And bonus points for not having to go to the DMV to get a new frickin' license.  I hate that place.

I guess since I have to make the hour drive out there to get this stuff, I may as well bring a few bucks and win a couple races... :>

I'm back

Back to the blog... nothing's been very eventful. 

Had a pretty mild Memorial Day weekend.  I convinced myself to drive out to the horse track, but little did I know that Google was NOT lying when they said the drive was 50 minutes away.  Holy crap, this place was flipping far.  And then I didn't even win on any of the races.  Oh well.  Try, try again. :)  To make me a little bit more bitter about the whole ordeal, I left my ID and debit card there, somewhere.  Still hopeful the track will call me back and tell me that someone turned them in.  They don't open again until tomorrow, so I won't know until then.

I'm going to have to set out on an adventure of the city to find something wacky to talk about.  Maybe I'll just take a bunch of pictures and post them.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mayan Holidaze

Just made my second deposit for my trip to Mayan Holidaze.  I've never been before, but my friend assures me that it's worth every penny of these deposits I'm making.  I hope so, I've never put up so much money for a trip so far in advance in my life.  It's supposed to be cool though, 4 days at an all inclusive hotel about 20 minutes south of Cancun, on the beach.  There's nightly concerts also, by Umphrey's McGee, Disco Biscuits and STS9 - all of which I don't regularly listen to. In fact, if I've ever listened to any of them, I'd be surprised.  I'm just in for the all inclusive hotel on the beach part :D  I suppose I should start beefing up my listening.

here's a link if anyone is curious about it:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Update - sink hole

Looks like they're out here first thing fixing it, just in time to save the Friday night drunks (I live in an area densely populated with bars). Sigh. Not that I wanted anyone to get hurt, but drunks do the darnedest things, myself included. Happy Friday!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's a sink hole

There's a sink hole across the street from my place. It's real exciting for people. You can't really see the two guys on their bikes, but they're there, and daring each other to jump on the sunken edges. I'm guessing alcohol is involved. Hindsight says I should have let my dog sniff the bush she was so intensely interested in, so I had a reason to stand and watch without coming off as a weirdo. Although I'm comfortable coming off as a comedy lover.

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A budding love for philosoraptor

So, I'm a big internet meme fan.  Recently though I found philosoraptor, and I'm really digging what he has to say.  Here's some more information from an internet site:


One of the more thoughtful (and successful) Advice Dog variations, Philosoraptor challenges the reader with his deep, existential, Paleolithic questions.

Name Origin

Although the word “Philosoraptor” appears on the original t-shirt design, the word Philosoraptor has been found prior.
One of the earliest mentions of a philosoraptor on the web was posted by Hope, age 10, KY, USA; December 28, 1998 on the children’s site
I like the philosoraptor because it spits an acidy type of substance in its victims eyes. I saw this dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park and I did a report on it also. This dinosaur is da bomb.
Philosoraptor also appeared on Urbandictionary July 19th, 2008.

Also, there was a YTMND, created March 30th, 2007 yet has only been viewed under 1500 times and did not result in any kind of fad. As of December 7th, 2009 it is the only Philosoraptor YTMND. However, Template 2 of the Memegenerator Philosraptor uses the same image as this YTMND.
As is self-evident, the name “Philosoraptor” is a combination of the words philosopher and velociraptor. Because of the similar sound of the two words, it is quite likely that different people arrived at the concept of a Philosoraptor independent of one another.

As Memegenerator memes go, the common comparison of measure is “Advice Dog”, the meme that gave memegenerator a reason for being.

The largest peak in Philosoraptor queries began in December of 2008, two months following Smith’s copyright.