Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, the horse track has my ID and debit card.  That's good.  I think Wells Fargo was getting sick of issuing me a new debit card every week (I have this problem, a lot).  And bonus points for not having to go to the DMV to get a new frickin' license.  I hate that place.

I guess since I have to make the hour drive out there to get this stuff, I may as well bring a few bucks and win a couple races... :>

I'm back

Back to the blog... nothing's been very eventful. 

Had a pretty mild Memorial Day weekend.  I convinced myself to drive out to the horse track, but little did I know that Google was NOT lying when they said the drive was 50 minutes away.  Holy crap, this place was flipping far.  And then I didn't even win on any of the races.  Oh well.  Try, try again. :)  To make me a little bit more bitter about the whole ordeal, I left my ID and debit card there, somewhere.  Still hopeful the track will call me back and tell me that someone turned them in.  They don't open again until tomorrow, so I won't know until then.

I'm going to have to set out on an adventure of the city to find something wacky to talk about.  Maybe I'll just take a bunch of pictures and post them.

Happy Wednesday!